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A Charitable Company focused on thought leadership and governance best practice


FGRE's mission is to

Deliver education to directors and executives responsible for
the governance and leadership of their organisations.

Its primary focus is on the governance of financial institutions, with a particular objective of preparing and supporting future leaders in a rapidly changing financial services industry.

The education is tailored to deliver output of practical value. This is accomplished with input from an Advisory Board of members, with the relevant experience and knowledge, and a faculty of senior practitioners. To that end, academic input is blended with real experience and maximum use is made of carefully researched case studies.

FGRE's History

The Foundation for Governance Research and Education was established as a charitable company in 2008 by Professor John Mellor.

FGRE’s roots lie in the Non Executive Director’s Forum, a case study centred development programme for non-executive directors, devised and directed by John Mellor. The programme, sponsored by NatWest Bank in association with Exeter University, was successfully delivered to 250 participants over five years with the help of a faculty of corporate directors, lawyers, investment managers, and some academics.

FGRE is a charitable company limited by guarantee.

A company limited by guarantee No. 4396150 and Registered Charity No. 1124053 ( England and Wales )

July 2019
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